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At Magnevolt we are always looking for ways to improve our services and capabilities. If you are looking for high-quality craftsmanship and excellent service for a battery not listed below, call today to find out how Magnevolt can help you.

Magnesium Silver Chloride

Torpedo Batteries

Because their construction allows for extremely fast activation, magnesium silver chloride batteries have been used for many years to propel lightweight torpedoes, fire sonobuoys and power marine emergency devices including life rafts and flares. Typical performance for a 9-gram battery charges to full-working voltage in less than one second.

Freshwater Magnesium Silver Chloride

Marine Marker Battery

We created a magnesium silver chloride battery that activates in freshwater. The breakthrough enables navies across the world to use the same devices in fresh- and seawater, meaning no redesign of established weapon systems.

Magnesium Cuprous Chloride

Magnesium Cuprous Chloride Battery

Magnesium cuprous chloride water activated batteries are primarily used by government agencies in meteorological applications because of their favorable power-to-weight ratio and exothermic nature. Magnevolt tailors the batteries specifics to operate in temperatures ranging from -58 F to +140 F. Discharge conditions are also customizable, from open air discharge after activation with tap water, to complete submerged discharge in sea water. We can also regulate voltage rise time from instantaneous to 30 minutes.

Survivor Locator Lights

Survivor Locator Light

Magnevolt designs and manufactures several models of survivor locator lights. The lights attach to life vests and are activated by removing a brightly colored handle and immersing in seawater, producing a power of light for 8 hours.