Magnevolt is the world’s leading provider of water activated batteries, supplying superior products to the Armed Forces of the United States since 1986. The batteries we create are used in the harshest environments known to man.

The water activated battery is a popular battery for many devices used in the commercial oceanic field. It is also an excellent choice for the military as it has high-energy density, long shelf-life and good low-temperature performance.

We design and produce seawater activated batteries used for a variety of situations including: torpedo propulsion, torpedo activation, sonobuoy powering, submarine rescue transmission, and air rescue equipment.

Custom Builds

Taking your physical space, voltage, and activation time requirements, Magnevolt can design and manufacture a custom battery for you. Our one-stop design, manufacturing and testing facility has environmental chambers that can perform life-cycle testing as well as test products down to -65 F, ensuring your product will perform regardless of conditions. Our team of experts is committed to creating the highest-quality battery to meet any number of performance requirements.